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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) Become tight or as if tight.
Synonyms: constringe, narrow
Usage: Severe migraines can be treated with a drug which constricts the blood vessels.
Article of the Day

The Knight

In medieval Europe, incessant private warfare brought about a permanent military class, and the institution of knighthood was well established by the 10th century. After 1100, military tenure was generally subject to the law of primogeniture, which resulted in a class of landless knights, who formed the great military orders of knighthood at the time of the Crusades, including the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitalers. In modern Britain, women who are knighted are addressed as what? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Declension with Adverbs

We can inflect adverbs when we want to compare the degree to which two actions are performed (comparative adverbs), or to identify the highest degree of how an action is performed (superlative adverbs). What is the progression of inflection for adverbs known as? More...
Idiom of the Day

give (someone) the stink eye

To make a facial expression of unreserved disgust, contempt, disapproval, distrust, or general ill will toward someone. More...

This Day in History

First of Two Istanbul Bombings (2003)

In a pair of dual truck bomb attacks carried out days apart in Istanbul, Turkey, terrorists took the lives of over 50 people and injured some 700. The first attack targeted two synagogues during Sabbath services. A truck bomb was detonated at each, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more. Five days later, suicide bombers detonated truck bombs at Istanbul's HSBC Bank headquarters and British consulate. What country handed over to Turkey 22 suspects who reportedly fled there after the attacks? More...
Today's Birthday

John I "the Posthumous" of France (1316)

For the five days he lived, John I, son of Louis X, was king of France. He thus had the shortest reign of any recognized French king. Because his uncle, Philip V, succeeded him, rumors swirled that Philip had caused John's death. Another story claimed that a dying child had been substituted for John, who was then raised in Siena. In the mid-1300s, a Sienese man named Giannino di Guccio began claiming that he was John I and traveled through Europe seeking recognition. What happened to him? More...
Today's Holiday

Shichi-Go-San (2018)

Shichi-Go-San is an ancient Japanese celebration that marks the special ages of seven, five, and three. It has long been traditional for families to take girls aged seven, boys of five, and all three-year-olds to the neighborhood Shinto shrine. There they are purified, and the priest prays for their healthy growth. Afterwards, there are often parties for the children, and they are given a special pink hard candy, called "thousand-year candy," to symbolize hopes for a long life. Because Nov. 15 is not a legal holiday, families now observe the ceremony on the Sunday nearest that date. More...
Quote of the Day
Evil companions bring more hurt than profit.
(620 BC-560 BC)
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: seats

dress circle - So called because it is a circular row of seats at an entertainment, the spectators of which are expected to be in dress clothes. More...

sedile - A seat by the altar for a member of the church clergy. More...

tandem - From Latin, literally "eventually, at length," and then, metaphorically, "acting conjointly"; in the 1880s, it was transferred from a two-horse carriage to a bicycle with two seats, one behind the other. More...

circus - Latin for "ring," its first use was for the arena of Roman antiquity, an oval or circular area enclosed by tiers of seats and usually covered by a tent. More...

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