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Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Hardened against feeling; hardhearted.
Synonyms: granitic, stony, flinty
Usage: The child's misery would move even the most obdurate heart.
Article of the Day

Selective Mutism

Most common in children, selective mutism is a psychological disorder in which a person who is fully capable of speech is silent in certain situations. A child who is talkative at home may not speak at school or around strangers. The refusal to speak is typically associated with social anxiety. One course of treatment is stimulus fading, during which another person is introduced while the child talks to someone with whom he or she is comfortable. What was selective mutism formerly called? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Focusing Adverbs

Focusing adverbs are used to draw attention to a particular part of a clause. They frequently point to verb phrases. Where can focusing adverbs be placed in a sentence? More...
Idiom of the Day

man the fort

To mind or take charge of a location during the time in which it is unattended by another. More...

This Day in History

The Grito de Dolores: Battle Cry of Mexican War of Independence (1810)

The revolutionary movements in the US and France did not go unnoticed in Mexico, which had been subjugated by Spain centuries earlier. When Napoleon invaded Spain in 1808, many Mexicans saw an opportunity to claim their own freedom. In 1810, revolutionary priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla launched the Mexican War of Independence with his Grito de Dolores—"Cry of Dolores"—a call to freedom that roused the peasants to action and became their battle cry. How is the event commemorated today? More...
Today's Birthday

Louise Arner Boyd (1887)

Boyd was an American explorer of Greenland and the Arctic and the first woman to fly over the North Pole. After the deaths of her parents and brothers, she inherited the family fortune and chartered the ship of famed explorer Roald Amundsen for a trip to the Arctic. She gained notoriety for hunting polar bears and was called "The Girl Who Tamed the Arctic." She later canceled another expedition, stating, "How could I go on a pleasure trip when those 22 lives were at stake?" What had happened? More...
Today's Holiday

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (2021)

In 1994, the United Nations established September 16 as International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The date honors the September 16, 1987, signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Nations may observe the day with activities that support the aims of the Protocol. More...
Quote of the Day
All mankind love a lover.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: strawberries

strawberry friend - A freeloader, one who visits only when the strawberries are ready for picking. More...

small fruits - Currants, raspberries, strawberries, etc. More...

soft fruit - Fruit that grows on bushes, such as berries, strawberries and currants, as contrasted with top fruit. More...

strawberry - Got its name because the plant "strews" its runners along the ground; its seeds are actually individual fruits and it is termed an aggregate fruit. More...

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